[Resolved] Carve "completes" after pausing and opening door to vacuum

I’m running a g-code carve that’s removing quite a bit of material from a 3/4" plank of ash wood. I wanted to check how the roughing operation was turning out and to vacuum out the dust. When I pressed the pause button on the Carvey, the spindle spun down and retracted as one might expect, but then when I opened the door, Easel asked me if my carve turned out OK and didn’t give me an option to resume. Given that I was halfway through an 90 minute operation, I’m really quite annoyed.

This is repeatable, and is different from how I remember Easel/Carvey operating in the past.

Firmware Version: gCarvin 2.0.0
Easel Driver Version: 0.3.11

With this behavior, I’m also at a loss for how to complete a slotting pass without being able to remove chips from the slot to avoid seizing the machine.

That’s not a built in behavior.
Does it happen when you open the door, when you close it or sometime in between?

I restarted everything from scratch and this behavior has gone away. Weird.

Sounds like it might have been an issue with your serial communication.
I was going to suggest plugging your vac in somewhere else.

While I would certainly never advocate bypassing any safety features on the Carvey, it has been reported that by taping a thin rare-earth magnet near Carvey’s front right corner, the door interlock can be defeated. This would allow the cover to be opened during an operation without causing the machine to pause. It is then reportedly easy to use a vacuum to clear debris, being careful not to touch/bump/disturb the spindle. It should be noted that while using a vacuum to remove debris during a carve is successfully performed by x-carve operators every day, the Carvey does have an safety interlock that is especially important when used in a classroom/training environment. Outside of such an environment, I’m not sure of that feature’s value, but I’m sure the friendly neighborhood lawyers would be happy to explain.