[Resolved] Carvey - Homing failed error message (potentially frozen...below 32F)

I just opened my Carvey yesterday, and I followed the instructions in the unboxing video & setup instructions. Even after removing all of the styrofoam obstructions, I received this error: “Homing failed. Make sure there are no obstructions preventing the machine from moving.” The nut on the x-carriage tries to move a little, and there’s a whining noise, but then after a few moments it stops and the error appears.

What’s the process for troubleshooting this on a Carvey? I don’t want to start unscrewing stuff without knowing what I’m doing.


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I’m having the exact same problem.

Mine cleared up and started working after a while. I’m thinking it was just from being so cold out in the shipping truck.

It might have been frozen. Try turning the nut at the top to loosen the ACME.

We have started shipping it in the middle now.

Oh, I didn’t even consider the temperature. The Carvey was in my garage. I brought it inside for a few hours and just finished the first carve - it works beautifully. This machine is really awesome!