Resolved - Changing the spindle PWM settings

Changed out my spindle to this:

Need to change the PWM settings so M3 S matches the spindle.

100% PWM should = 6000 RPM @ 24V

Anyone know how to do this?

Hey Jerry,

Do you have the Arduino IDE installed on your computer?

If you don’t you can get it here.

In windows explorer go to documents -> arduino -> libraries and replace the config.h and defaults.h files with these:

config (1).h (27.8 KB)

defaults (1).h (18.9 KB)

Then open the config.h file to edit it.

I like to open/edit the config.h file with notepad++

Go to the line that says “#define SPINDLE_MAX_RPM 14000.0” it should be line # 252. You can change that value to whatever you want.

Then save the config.h file.

Then in the Arduino IDE go to file -> examples -> GRBL -> grbl upload.

Make sure your Arduino is plugged in and close any other software that is trying to access it (Easel, UGS etc.).

Click the “upload” button, it’s in the top left and it looks like a little arrow pointing to the right.

Then you should be good to go. Make sure you go to Easel and set your new max rpm under “machine.”

Let me know if you have any issues.

Sweet Thanks.

Just to confirm, this is the source I should use?

Yes, though the newest version of the Arduino IDE comes with a grbl library, so you can just download those two files I uploaded and replace them in the existing grbl library.

All set, downloaded the source, change the parameter, uploaded and ran easel setup. All is good :smile:

@JerryWoods Great news! Go have some fun :smile: