[Resolved] Easel off course

Hi there, it seems when I use Easel it moves to fast between letters and gets off course, can I program it so it moves at same pace the whole cutting session?

Hmm, you’re having position shifts during rapid only? … Check your belt tension, maybe? Could be that the acceleration is slipping a couple teeth?

Belts are good, it happens only when it moves rapidly (between cuts), does not do that when I use another cutting program, there I have continues speed from start to finish.

and only on Y axis.

Hmm… that’s definitely one I’ve not heard of before. Does the Y move smoothly otherwise? I’m sure someone who actually knows a decent amount will be here shortly to give you an actual answer, I’m just mostly pondering on it.

Bad rapids seems to mean that you need a bit more current for that axis.

Yep, as @TonyNo said… adjust the current going to the Y axis and once you have it dialed in, you should be good to go.

Yes, did that last night and it worked. Thanks :smile: