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[Resolved] Erroneous v-carving plunges

We are actively working on an issue where in some cases v-carve tool paths can plunge much deeper than they should, sometimes below the bottom of the material.

Status: Issue resolved

Known workarounds: Inspect the tool paths carefully prior to carving. If you see a tool path plunging deeper than it should, you can usually eliminate the plunge by making small adjustments to your project, like shifting slightly or scaling it slightly


Easy quality check… Test the points in the toolpath, if any point is lower than the lowest toolpath cut depth, dont offer to cut it.
Open source easel and ill write it for you.

With a proper architecture, vcarve toolpath code wouldnt need to be open sourced… just the core.

Yes, that is correct, and something we’re looking at.

We have made some refinements on our fix for this issue, and we are moving closer to a release. We still need to do some more testing.


We made good progress in testing our fix. If everything goes well, the fix will be released tomorrow.

Thank you


This issue has been resolved.