[Resolved] No Pen Tool Showing On Easel?

First timer here so sorry if this is a silly question. When I open Easel, there is no pen tool as shown in the help section between the Star and the Smiley face. I tried using chrome and firefox with the same result. I’m on Mac OS. Any ideas?

The pen tool was removed quite awhile ago due to functionality issues.

Ah… Ok. So it was a silly question! Funny, I did search before asking and didn’t see that. Perhaps the help section could be updated.

I suppose then to do free hand drawing we need to use another program and import it in to Easel?

No problem, I think it was posted awhile ago deep in another thread. You should be able to free hand draw in any program of your choice and then export to SVG, and then import into Easel! Good luck.

Pen tool is back!

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