[Resolved] Not seeing whole drawing in Working Window!

The project I’m working on does not appear in its entirety in the Working Window. In the preview window the grid is not showing up under the drawing. I can only see the bottom part - about 125mm in the Y-axis. Am I doing something wrong? Can someone please tell me how to expand the view?

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Check your material size. Or rotate you part.

Thanks for the reply, David. I tried it but it made no difference. I still only see part of the drawing!

Thank you, Phil. That was the answer I needed!!! Is there ANYTHING you don’t know about this??


I don’t use easel but I noticed the size in the photo. I was close.

Thanks again, Phil & David. It’s so nice to have such good and willing support!
Much appreciated,

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@GordRock did it work? Were you able to carve the project?

Yes, it worked. I haven’t carved the project yet but I can see the whole thing and that is what I was having trouble with. Thanks for asking!!!

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Bringing this one back from the dead. I’m having this same problem with my new computer. What was done to resolve it?

@CoyHaney. Using the mouse the wheel will reduce the preview to see everything. Left mouse youcanmove and rotate.