[Resolved] Parts left over after build and limit switch activation

So after finishing my x-carve assembly (or so I thought) I found these two bags and can’t seem to find where they go in the instructions. Also, this is my first time using limit switches but I think it’s safe to assume that the X and Y switches should touch something to activate. The pictures show that one goes completely past the plate, and the other comes up short before touching the plate. Did I position these incorrectly?

Yup. You missed that step. :wink: Those go into the Makerslide slots for the switches to hit.

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Those screws and nuts are the posts that the limit switches contact. Put the nut in the slot right next to the limit switch. Here is the picture from the instructions. https://www.inventables.com/projects/x-carve-assembly-instructions#step-14https://dzevsq2emy08i.cloudfront.net/paperclip/project_instruction_image_uploaded_images/897/original/1233.jpg?1428001043

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Oh, hell. I hope that doesn’t mean I need to unscrew the self tapping screws again to slide them in, haha. I just finished squaring the table -.-

Awesome, thanks Chris. For whatever reason the pages aren’t loading properly so I can’t access the instructions yet. I’ll maybe have to check on a different computer or browser later.

Thank Jesus. I was able to get them in easily without having to take anything apart. Thanks guys! :smiley:

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