[Resolved] Power light on xcontroller

finished install, running an air carve now with no bit.

Noticed the light on the front of the xcontroller is not lit, but the light on the rear near the switch is.

Also, the buttons on the front do nothing. I’d it would pause/resume the current job.

Is it possible I don’t have the grey jumper cable firmly fastened into the panel?

Sounds likely. The buttons should work like a remote control for your tv. Pause play etc. if nothing is working I’d take a look inside.

There were issues with the emergency stop button pressed…make sure your button is not pressed.

Estop not pressed, I was running an air carve at the time.

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Do the buttons work? Sounds like something is not plugged in good or you have a bad LED.

Check the connections and then contact Inventables Customer Success.

The ribbon cable is stiff to install. Mine took a decent amount of force. Make sure to reinforce the pcb when you are pushing down. You may also want to verify that the cable orientation is right.

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It was the ribbon cable. Ive been building my own PCs for 20 years… for shame.

@Zach_Kaplan the buttons work great. Thx for the reply. Heres the first test outcome with no calibration. Preet amazed at the outcome. So, much, fun!


Everyone poops @PhilJohnson, Jesus was no exception.

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Glad to hear it’s all fixed!