-resolved-Suddenly cutting to deep!

Ok. Long story short my first 3-D test carve I did using aspire and exported using the post processor for the xcarve and imported in to easel the first carve came out very Chattery, uneven circle, irregular shape but it didn’t even finish about halfway through my carve the Y axis stopped moving and it proceeded to Try and carve the remainder of the carve in that one spot passing back-and-forth over the same spot. I got a new piece of wood restarted it and it managed to finish the whole carve but the circle was very irregular and it was just a very poor Chattery carve but, The axis didn’t freeze this time and it did manage to carve the whole file.

Fast forward to my new issue after reading through the forums and deciding that easel was not the best for sending G code for my 3-D file I decided to export and use UGS. The carve started off great the circle was 1 million times better even starting off than the previous carve using easel, but about 25% of the way into the carve all of a sudden the Z access started cutting way too deep mind you this is the same file I was using for easel. Correct me if I’m wrong but the export from aspire uses the same post processor regardless of whether I am exporting it to easel or to UGS As the post processor is specific to the machine the X carve. Regardless I don’t think that would be my issue seeing as how all the first passes were going great way better than before. The circle was already starting to look not Chattery very round. Depth cuts were smooth and perfect until all of a sudden it randomly drops into my board I’d say at least a quarter of an inch did a couple passes and then it dropped again another quarter inch into the board almost going clean through the board. I checked to make sure the pillows are good although if the pulleys were loose I’d have the opposite effect I would think and the bit didn’t loosen up at all it was in its proper position in the spindle.

Check your Z axis pully connection to the acme screw.
The set screws are known to come loose. When that happens the Z will go down but not lift back up equally. This causes the carve to gradually get deeper and deeper tp a point that X and/or Y lose steps.

Thanks. It’s good I checked it again. Checked them all. Lol. I was standing there watching and there was no slip though. I was looking and thinking “man this is going waaaay better then it was in easel”. Jinxed it and it just plunged hard in to the carve. Made a couple passes like that then plunged again.

If an axis suddenly start to be random in terms of direction, do the following three things:

  • Check the stepper wires
  • Double check the stepper wires
  • Triple check the stepper wires

If one wire have poor/no contact the stepper will still have full power and step control, but directional control is lost.

Thanks. Just checked. All good. But also to clarify I’m not having a slip I’m having what sounds like a power driven plunge. Something is telling it to plunge deeper or it’s interpreting that it needs to plunge deeper when it’s not supposed to.

Resolved!!! Found the xcarve pp in my aspire pp folder. Works like a champ! For reference went back to the easel pp and it had same issue so clearly it doesn’t like the easel one.