[Resolved] Varying (decreasing) step interval on Z-axis during a carve

I’m trying to carve a 1.6" diameter hole in 1/8"-thick ABS plastic using a 1/8" bit. Since I have many of these to carve I’m stacking 4 sheets of ABS and carving them all at once. To protect my work surface, I’m placing the 4 stacked sheets on top of a piece of cardboard. In Easel I tell X-carve that the material is 1/2" thick (actually it’s slightly less using a caliper to measure) and have the step interval set to 0.1". I set the home position very carefully for X, Y and Z. and start the carve. Things go well, but the hole is not carved in all 4 stacked sheets of ABS. The X-carve stops before going deep enough. I’ve gone through all the troubleshooting questions and checked the X-carve’s step interval with a digital depth gauge. As I watch the carve, the belt loop on top controlling the ACME lead screw seems to travel a little less distance during each circular path carving the hole. It looks like for each carving pass for the hole the bit is going down a shorter distance. I’m really stuck on this one. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Hey David, sorry you’re having issues. You said you went through the troubleshooting questions, would you please take a look at them again and just make sure you tested all of them?


Also are you using Easel or some other software to generate/send gcode? Please let me know if the above solutions don’t work.

Solution: I went back and edited my carve in Easel and found I had failed to reset the depth when I went from cutting one at a time to 4 at a time. So…user error!

Glad that got sorted out!