** Resolved** Z Axis Movement (Acme Upgrade) Video Attached **Resolved**

I recently changed out my old M8 threaded Z Axis rod for an ACME threaded rod and I’ve got some movement that I can’t fix. The plate that the motor and rod are attached to seem to teeter back and forth (front to rear not side to side). At first I thought it was a bent M8 washer so I replaced it with a new one but I still have the same problem Any advice is greatly appreciated. See attached videos. Thank You. Z Axis Movement|video

Looks like a bent rod to me

I’d also try to loosen the drive gear on stepper motor and re-tighten each set screw just a little each time. It could be pulled too far to one side of shaft. also to test for bent shaft roll on level surface to see wobble.

Sorry not on stepper motor but on shaft.

@ Stephen: I was a little confused when you said motor but I figured it was just a typo, thanks for following up though. So I went with adjusting the set screws first since that’s what I was hoping the problem was… and BAM! Good to go! No more wobble. Much appreciation on the advice. I don’t think I would have ever thought of that. Have a Great day.