Restart after power failure

I was carving a piece with a 40 minute time, and lost power about half way through carve, breaker tripped. Do I have to start from the beginning to finish this project, or can it be restarted.

Easel does not currently have the ability to resume a project if it is interrupted. You will have to start from the beginning of the carve that was running when power was lost unless you know what you are doing with editing the GCode file.

Do you know why the breaker tripped? It would be a wise decision to ensure you resolve any overloading issues prior to continuing.


Brandon Parker

Depending on the design of the project you might be able to cover up areas that have finished carving with a shape with zero cut depth

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Brandon, I have a dedicated circuit for the Xcarve, the laptop and the Dewalt router, this is a 20 amp circuit. I should not have the tripping trouble again.