Restart carving after easel has stopped from the last position

My project stopped and I had to restart it. I cannot get it to continue from the last position. Is this possible as it is a pain to start the project anew as it is difficult to set the zero exactly as the first time.

You need a fixed reference point in order to achieve this.
Either a 3D edge finder used on one of the corners of your material or homing switches.

Homing switches allow you to sync machine coordinates to the model coordinates and work zero is stored as an offset relative to machine zero. Work zero is stored in persistent memory and is kept untill re-assigned.

Thanks. I guess what I want to know is can I continue from where the carving stopped instead of starting over from the beginning. I can usually get my zero very close but it would be nice if it would continue from where it stopped.

It is possible if you export G-Code to Candle or UGS.
1: set an offset using any of the G54 to G59 set positions
This will store your Exact X,Y,Z locations. To return to that exact position use Return to Zero button.
UGS has option to start carving at a specific line number, if you know G-Code well enough to pick a restart position, otherwise UGS will repeat all previous steps tracing over /in previous cuts.
Hope this helps

Easel do not support this and workarounds must be employed, like deleting pre-carved gcode or mask pre-carved areas (design permitting)