Restarting a project

So I have a multi carve project coming up. Wondering if I turn off the machine and PC after one part is done (and it returns to the same xy coordinate), can I just start up the next carve and use the xy just where it ended?

No, you will have to re-zero the machine.
But, if you have finished one of your programs, you can certainly start up the next one. (after re-zeroing)

Right. But if the previous cut stops at the original XY and I don’t move it, then I can just use the same location as the xy… assuming easel sends the router back to the original xy when it finishes.

In theory you are correct.
But I would never trust it.
It only takes a minute to plug in the triquetra and run the zeroing program.
For me, that’s the safe way to go.

@PaulRinguette Do you have homing enabled? If so, your machine will be in an alarm state until you home. Your Work Zero will remain the same, but you’ll be limited by the accuracy of your homing switches (shouldn’t be an issue for most jobs). You could bypass homing by issuing a $X command to unlock the machine, but be careful running it in that state as the machine will not “know” where it actually is. You’d have to re-zero your work zero as well (wouldn’t have to move it though). When you home again, your work zero would be off.
Can you explain your project a bit more?

Thanks. It’s cutting out several small clock faces. It’s not an issue of the carve, just the timing of the carve. I wouldn’t have all afternoon to watch it so I would do the first carve, turn off at the xy, start up the next day and set at the same xy.

Are you just running repeats of the same job on a big piece of stock?

Use the G28 command. Your carves will always start at the same position, after homing the machine, even after turning it off and coming back at another time

You can also use the Pause button provided the USB ports / PC dont enter sleep mode.
Downside is if the PC get turned off for some reason you’ll loose sync.

It is however always preferable to have a known point in space (Homing switches) and an offset off that (Like G28/G30) so one can restart or resume from a known point.

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Not that this won’t work, but it’s unnecessary. Once you establish your work zero, it will persist across power cycles and resets. Easel sends G10 L20 P1 X0 Y0 when you set your zero. That will make work zero work just like G28.
Just home and use last zero. I’d recommend always checking Z, but if you don’t change your work piece, Z will persist as well.
There are senders that use G92 to set the work offsets, which will not persist after a reset. Easel, last time I checked, uses G10.

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