Restarting carve midway ? UGS

Hi I was just wondering if anyone could answer this in a fairly straightforward way :?
I am using Aspire 9.5 - UGS -X-carve
Is there an easy way to restart a carve at a given G-Code line ? I am 3/4 through a 7 hr carve but have got an error coming up & carve stopped !
I have homed > carved > then hit a problem > rehomed & wondering if I could start off again from roughly the same point ?
I want to see if it might just have been a glitch & really dont want to start from the beginning & watch an aircarve for hours ( possibly only for it to stop again :shock: )
As I understand it ,It should be possible given that I have a point on the carve that I can reprobe for the height of material ( it has not moved & was screwed down) so still in the same place , I have a code line that I would like to start from , there or there abouts !
Question is will I need to prefix a set of codes in front of the line it stopped at & if so what would that be ? (Apolagies in advance for my lack of knowlage in the black arts that is g-code))
From what I can gather I would need to go to the last code line that had X Y & Z on it ? & also probably some kind of prefix code so it could probe & get its bearings ? ( would this be the first few lines at the beginning of the file ?)
& also is it ok to do this in Notepad ?
Many thanks for taking the time to read

You can modify the gcode I would leave the initial lines including the lift to safety height and you would need to keep some amount of lines to include the plunge down to where it was carving at so Yes this is correct:

And Yes, It is perfectly fine to do this in notepad

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Cheers for that SethCNC :+1:t2: Have just started it up & it’s back carving the last part !!! It had 1 wee stutter at the start prob due to the first couple of lines , but that’s great & thank you for the fast reply!!! Appreciated :+1:t2:

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