Restarting file after power failure

Are you able to start your file If the power went out etc? for example, lets say that the file say 40% complete and then it dies, can you start at say the 39% mark Or do you need to run it from the beginning? Looking into making my purchase today of an xcarve and just looking to see how it differs from my plasmacam. Thx

I have that happen more than I would like. Don’t move project. Start over. Hopefully you know exactly where xy point is. It will work.

my computor shut down the other day for some odd reason right in the middle of a carve. of coarse when i got everything up and running i covered up what was alrady carved hit start from last zero and it worked fine. i thought when it rehomed you would need to rezero but thought i would try it and was perfect.

I make a small mark for XY on my pieces because of this same issue. Usually I can get it pretty close and then restart the job. Now that there is the feed rate override buttons, you can breeze through a little faster until you get caught up with where you were before the power dropped.

Now, to brave the cold and head out to restart the job I had running before our last outage…

If you don’t have it set up yet… Search for “bump stop” on the forums. It can save you a lot of headache when a job goes south.

if it was the X carve that lost power, then the answer to your question is …start from the beginning
If the X-carve lost power, then it also lost Machine Zero and Work Zero. Easel does allow for pause and restart, it does not allow for starting anywhere but the beginning of the file.

all of the above suggestions are great, but basically If the X-Carve lost power you will have to home the machine and set the work zero on the piece just as if you were starting from scratch.

All this is guessing on our part though because you weren’t very specific in your question … Details like are you using easel or some other G code sender… have you set up bump stops, X-Controller or Arduino/Gshield setup… specifics about the job and machine really help other forum members help you… Also, there must be 100 topic threads about restarting from a power failure or some other mid-job dilemma. the SEARCH option in the upper right can really be your friend.

Last person id expect to tell me to use the search feature would be a mandalorian. This was my first post, I dont even have an xcarve yet, ive a plasmacam. Just looking to see how people address this. So ive no idea what a bump stop is besides that used on an AR15 and whats a Gshield?


Mandalorian isnt an insulting word, it can be however frightening to those on the run. :slight_smile:

THats what i was thinking. Just delete what was already previously cut if its worth doing for a large job.

Can you do one cut path at a time? My cnc plasmacutter i can cut each square for example inside a panel. I can cut each squre one at a time. I dont h ave to run the whole thing to cut everything.

Ill have to look into this when i start messing with it. Easel will allow you to draw etc then it will run the xcarve. Will vcarve do the same?

I have a whole lot of research ahead of me. Let me get to it. Thanks

Use bCNC and you can start from wherever you want… :wink:

My problem is always losing Wi-Fi in the middle of a cut.

Using Easel to send . It’s internet based.

Once you start/load a Carve, internet is no longer required. Inventables staff has stated that many times.

As for the original question:

Easel doesn’t support it, some other senders do. Home position shouldn’t be lost so just rehome/restart and air carve unfortunately.

that’s why i don’t use Easel… weak wifi in my garage and it has not all options i need
and Easel has problems with long time carves. Thats i went for bCNC