Resume a job later: Save leftover job (or Save progress)

WARNING: I am !!asking!! for a “Save leftover GCode” button, it is not there yet!!!

Now that I was inspecting the GCodes that Easel generates, here is how to implement pausing a job for the night and resume in the morning. Or… A. even better: just pause and save the progress like in a game in case something would happen… or even way better: B. autosave after each 100-1000 lines of code or so:

  • Easel knows what GCode line it executes in the moment
  • When you pause and press the new “Save leftover GCode” button, it saves the GCode header, modifies the initial couple lines to move to the new start coordinate and copies the leftover GCode into the saved file

How to restart a job: you go to the original X and Y*** (write it down before the original job starts, see below), zero the Z, and run the GCode.

***= Seth wrote it here: Move machine to last used XY for 2 stage carve - #3 by RandyOuellette

“Open machine inspector (ctrl+shift+D)
Record the work position for x,y then exit machine inspector
Open the manual movements popup and enter your desired x value into the custom amount section, … the value recorded in the prior step and then move it that exact amount…repeat for y…
now your spindle is at work zeros. Dead on…”

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