Resurface Material before Carving

Haven’t done this yet and don’t even own a bit for this but how do you set up Easel to plane a piece of material so it is perfectly flat for a good carve job?

you can draw a rectangle with the dimensions of the piece you want to carve, and select fill with very little depth.

When you take a large endmill it shouldn’t take much time.

Thanks for the reply, I knew it had to be something easy. I just need to get a bit now. I have the Dewalt 611 so does anyone have a good 1/4 inch shank spoil-board cutter they can recommend?


I got same one only its 1 1/2" works great

I found this one on eBay and it does a great job, but you would need to get a 6mm collet adapter

thanks folks, great info

I recently ordered one of these. I have a 1/4" collet and assumed that this would be okay in that collet. (6 mm X 0.040 = 0.240" ) Do you think that I need a different collet?

I personally would not…if that hunk of metal slips out and goes flying, I would not want to be in the path.

Sorry, the 1/4 inch collet will not hold the 6mm shaft tightly enough. But I have saved enough money purchasing the 6mm bits (for some reason they are much less expensive) to make it worth buying the 6mm collet.


The range on a ER11 collet should be .230 to .250 or 5.842 to 6.35mm so your 6mm should be fine in your .25 collet.


I tried it, the 6mm shank does not work at all in the .25 inch. I really wanted it to, since it would have saved me about $40 but it just was not tight enough.

It is a ER11 collet right.

No, the Dewalt 611 does not use an ER11, wish it did. But even when I was using the ER11 on the quiet spindle it was not a good fit.

I’m with Allen - I also own the cheap ebay bottom cleaner, and it doesn’t fit in either the stock collet or the PreciseBits one. I ordered a 6mm collet from Elaire. (And received it, but it’s now in the garage, hiding from me…)