Resurface wasteboard

Can I set up Easel to resurface my waste board in one pass by using fill, and what size pocket do I need to cut, I do not use Easel very much

Yep. Size a square/rectangle box object and set it to fill. Set the depth to cut a minimal amount of surface. Place it where you want to surface being careful not to spill over into areas your machine can’t reach and be aware of the dust shoe so it clears the front corner rails.

Thank you Traxxtar

How deep should the cut be? (Better results with a spoilerboard bit, I know that much).

I’ve searched for all this before but often it is on the older version of X carve, posts from 2016. I don’t know, it might have changed.

This is your goal. You should cut the least amount, while cutting every cm² of your board. Your board most likely is not 100% even, so a cut which cuts the front right corner may not cut the back left corner (just an example).

Okay Dominik thank you