Resurfacing my spoilboard

need a lesson in what CUT AND SHAPE PANEL means, and HOW you set it up for resurfacing ,MDF IS 3/4’’,WHAT ITS DOING IS GOING TO DEEP AND STOPPING MY ROUTER ROUTER

Go shallower?

You dont provide any information on your RPM, feed rate, plunge rate or any other information regarding how you set that job up. If you did that would really help us :slight_smile:

Typically if the bit goes too deep its because something is slipping (pulley etc) or the stepper motor is loosing steps or have poor electrical contact.

I understand the cut depth now,whats happening its cut to small on the spoil board ,the cutting area for my machine is x-28’’,y-16’'so what size design do I put in easel to get that size resurfaced,my spoilboard is bigger than that

You need to add a piece of MDF to your spoilboard the size that your machine can cut. Cut out a piece of MDF 28" X 16" and secure it to your spoilboard, then draw a box 28" X 16" in Easel and set the depth to .002, if it doesn’t touch the entire board go a little deeper. I will add a picture of mine

still alittle fogy about easel the cut and shape panel,ok CUT I no how to set depth ,but in shape very fogy