Resurfacing not flat

I’ve searched and searched all over the internet and these forums for an answer.

So my wasteboard has a dip in the middle of it, causing my cut through designs not to cut all the way through evenly. I’m usually left with planing or cutting with a saw/knife, which was soo annoying.

I did some research and discovered resurfacing, so I started. But when running I noticed square lines and uneven surface on resurfaced area. There is a real noticeable height difference with the squares being left behind. My Z axis is squared. Any thoughts?

I am using a new 3/4 diameter straight bit.
When I noticed the unevenness I stopped the machine and ran it again with a 1/8 down cut to see if there would be any difference and there was not. 1/8 bit didn’t touch any of those lines

Welcome to the forum Jannette,
Can you grab the router and wiggle it?
How old is the machine and did you assemble it?

1 month and a half old. Assembly by me. I am not at home but maybe a slight wiggle. I’ll have to check after work.

Just checked. No wiggle and made sure the V wheels are set properly. Had just finished the belt tightening procedure prior to the first attempt because they were loose. Any idea? Help?

Removed the spoilboard and made sure everything was square and flat. Ran the program still same problem. It’s like if every pass has its own depth. Some deeper and some shallower.

One viable suspect is play in the Z-mechanics or bit is dull and deflect upwards a smidge during carving.
Check V-wheels, pulley set-screws etc.

Did all that yesterday. Bit was brand spanking new. And I ran the 1/8 bit afterwards, thinking that it might be the bit and the the 1/8 might clean up the area. But didn’t touch any of those lines.

Did you check the 2 screws behind the router going into the delrin nut? You have to take the router out to access the screws. Something has to be loose, could you shoot a video of the machine running?

That I have not checked. I’ll check, run the cut and record it later on today. Thanks

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Happy to report that everything is good now. I can’t say what exactly it was that fixed it. I took everything Z related apart re tightened all screws and bolts, reinstalled and viola. Thanks for the help

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From the appearance of your waste board your z axis needs to be trammed, there are many videos on YouTube that show how to do this. Since your machine most likely doesn’t have adjustable features that you can use to tram the z you will need to get creative with shimming in order to adjust the nod of the z axis. The left to right tilt may just be out of square.