Resurfacing Piece Before Carving

I am having difficulty resurfacing a piece of wood before I carve. I have a 7.5 x 7.5 square I want to resurface flat, then flip. Using the 1.25 bit that came with the Pro to resurface the wasteboard.

I home the machine, I set xy zero to the piece and then hit carve. When it starts to resurface it offsets the surfacing area, leading off 2 edges, top and right, by 1/2 inch then doesn’t go all the way to the left and bottom edges, leaving the same 1/2 inch.

How do I get this to surface the entire piece?
Thanks in advance!

So, as I figure out the XCarve Pro and Easel Pro …

I figured this out. Position the work away from the machine zero and make the 1/32 inch pocket carve larger than the piece. It worked for me.

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How did you do this? It sounds like your work zero is off.
You should not need to

Unless that’s how it is setup in Easel.

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