Resurfacing the Waste Board Issue

Hello, I have looked through a lot of forum but have not seen this issue. I have had my Xcarve for a little over a year and have made a lot of projects and it’s time to resurface the waste board. I have a. 1000x1000 with an X-Controller. At first I was just going to do a 900x900mm square project and placed the depth of .02mm. I set the stock up for 900x900mm.
When I go to carve I set the X,Y Zero to as low in the bottom left point as I could go.
But when I start to carve it runs to the opposite corner but it goes past the end and you hear it trying to go further but it can’t. (I don’t have limit switches)
When I look at the machine setup, it said that it is only a 740mm system.
I went and reconfigured the controller to a 1000x1000 system and tried to do a 700x700mm squire and it did the same thing.
What am I doing wrong?

Gary, the maximum cutting area for the 1000x1000 is actually 750x750. But depending on where you actually put your zero, it may or may not be able to cover exactly that amount.

I recommend to put the machine at your zero point and zero x & y, then jog the machine to the back right corner until you get to your actual max travel (before any metal to metal contact happens) then check the xy coordinates in Easel to know what your actual work area is.

Then you can adjust your shape you are using for you cut project to match those dimensions.


I found the issue with it hitting the back corner. There was a small square off the screen.
But I have a question about where I see the X:Y coordinates in Easel?
I started to follow your Instructions but I couldn’t find the X:Y coordinates.

It’s in the machine inspector. Will look like this. Use “work position” for this.