Retirement plaque for my father

Did you do it in F360?

Does solidworks offer a discount for hobbiest? I have wanted to try and learn to use it, but it is way to expensive for me.


You might want to take a look at Rhino 5. It’s a good 3D program and not as expensive as SolidWorks, still a little pricey. If you like it there is a plug in (RhinoCAM) that works seamlessly with Rhino 5. I think they have come up with a hobbyist version of RhinoCAM that’s about $600 USD.

Rhino 5 has an educational price. If you have a student in the family it’s very reasonable.


I will definitely look at Rhino, thanks for the suggestion

You can get an educational version, for $100, i think.

Nicely done Marine Logo on all fronts. Perhaps you can do a Navy one next (me being former Navy). Thank your dad for his service! Semper Fi!

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Its outstanding!

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Also, since you said you couldn’t find a 3D model of the Marine Corps Logo, check this out.

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There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!

$25 / 20 hours = $1.25 per hour :smile:

This -------

doesn’t get you this ---------

All in fun. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent on my Makita project and not to mention the money invested. I could have bought a really nice VFD spindle for less time and money. :smile:

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Sure, I’m familiar with the loss leader concept and I certainly think that is a good way to get things started. I have often gotten work by offering some up front service on my dime to show a perspective employer what I can do for them.

Doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun along the way.

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Hi Phil, May I have a copy file of your plaque? I would like to make some and donate to my Vet. friends? Thanks, Doi

@PhilJohnson - wow this is incredible. You should take some of your time and consult/train others (like me). I’m really impressed; plus you contribute so much to the community. Great job and very impressive. Please thank your father for his service. All the best.

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Looking good! With so much time invested you get it perfected and hit a Marines useage right and these could make you come good coin. One of the crispest versions I have seen so far.

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It looks so good! Outstanding work. I’ll have to get you to model some Navy insignia for me.

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Stain is easier to maintain if its indoors. Outdoors I would opt for teak oil.

Roughly how many hours do you figure you got out of them before they went?

Phil thanks for sharing the moment of WTH with the machine and the save. It helps us mere junior x-carvers to realize that things do not always go as planned and easy as you and some of the guys and gals make it look. Most people do not post the hours and hours of work done off the machine and the trial runs for that prefect project post. Again thank you for keeping it real and one question. Do you ever sleep?

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