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Hi there,

Newbie here, still figuring out lot’s of stuf.

After some minor setbacks (screwups on my part) things are looking great. But… slight issue I noticed today.

I use my X-carve to engrave tagplates. These are pre-cut to size, so I place them against a zeroing plate. I just need to change numbers and start the carve so every tagplate has the same lagout.

However, when the carve is finished, the x-carve does not go back to the starting zero-point. It’s always a little of. Sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, sometimes up or down. Any idea what might cause this?

  • x-carve 750 mm
  • upgraded to 3GT3 belts
  • re-calibrated the steps/mm spot on

how much off is it?

The Xcarve think it is at Work Zero (Home Position) but is not => lost steps if the discrepancy is larger than the fidelity of the Xcarve.

Check GRBL parameter ($1=255, change if it is anything less)
Switch #4 on the Xcontroller, set it to disable Idle Current Reduction

Anything loose - wheels?

Differs from time to time, sometimes 0.1mm sametimes 1.0mm in different directions. Z-axis is always spot on.

$1 = 0
I did not change this, should I make it 255?

Wheels are all tight.


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