Return to Start Position and show Jog screen

When we start carving a project in Easel we set x,y,z, 0 positions. Can we have a button to return to zero
if we need to jog the machine for some reason. Also when Easel has finished carving a project it should return to a jog screen to move the machine away to start and run another. Put in fresh material and return to start 0 and run again. Please add this feature.

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Research g2i and g30 commands.

I’m sure you meant G28, and not G2i. Obvious typo. Just don’t want to confuse John

Yes you are correct g28 and g30

Sorry I’m wanting this option in the program. One shouldn’t have to enter code to do it. Gcode sender seems to do the job properly.

I hit home at the end of a carve to change bits. Once the bit has changed I jog over to use the probe function to set Z. On the final screen, I simply use the “Use last x,y” button to the right of “Set x,y” button.
I would test this out and get used to the function before you put it into use on a big project. I took me close to a year to trust that it was going to the right spot!!!

What would be nice though is a x,y,z relative to 0 and a x,y,z actual to reference from instead of using the machine inspector on a second easel screen.