Reverse limit switch locations

OK, so this might be in the wrong location so please feel free to move it to where it should be.

I was wondering if it would be possible to switch the y axis limit switch to the other end of the y axis(top left)? My reason for this is that I would like to have the option to have the carriage automatically park itself in the uppermost and left part of the x and y axis following a project or for the homing function. When the x carve completes the homing function now, the carriage and x axis makerslide is in my way. I find that I always go back to “carve” and drive the spindle out of my way after every project. How about this, upon project completion when easel asks if the project completed the way I wanted it, how about the option to drive to homing position?


Well, if you’ve already home’d it to 0,0 on the x/y, then you should be able to execute an easy move to a known position, like g0x650y650 (or whatever works for the machine/unit system you’re using).

If you’re using Easel, that might make for a good feature request, a “get out of the way button” that’s only enabled after the machine’s homed via the limit switches. Since Easel knows the dimensions of your machine, it should be a pretty easy thing to do.

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I could se this as a good feature request to Easel.

I normally just put in to move by 1 inch increments and hit the up arrow a bunch to move it out of the way… right with it could be a return home and return 0,0 button… I know I’d probably use a return home button to change tools and then click the return 0,0 after.

Yep, glad to see im not the only one then! So two zeros can exist, a home zero and a project zero.

yeah i asked about a return home feature awhile back. or at least i asked how to do it. didnt know it wasnt possible at the time.

as it is now i unplug the usb and then plug it back in and hit carve and the homing sequence screen comes up. would be nice to hit a button and send it home or run the homing sequence. once there you could easily jog it out of the way and then return home when your ready

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