Reversing Cutout Area

I’m new to this but I’ve done 7 or 8 projects so far. I’ve got a file I would like very much to do inlays on but the cutout area automatically goes to the large surface area rather than the much smaller surface area. Naturally I would prefer the smaller surface area (letters and stars) to serve as my inserts rather than vice versa. How can I reverse the cutout area?

Could you share the file?
Sometimes you can add a shape behind the letters and stars then set the depth to 0 on the letters and stars.


I just figured there would be a very simple ap that would swap what is cut out versus what is not cut out.

That’s not showing me anything. Share the Easel file or a picture of what you’re wanting to do

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Does this work Russell?


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Did you download that and bring it into easel thru image trace?

No the file is not shared publicly, but the eagle/flag came out great!!

One more coat of spar urethane and I’ll be done.

I used Convertio to change it from a JPG or PNG to an SVG

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Glad it worked out for you, I though you had wanted to cut out the eagle but leave the stars and stripes. I may have to do one of those, I like it.

The next one I do I want to actually only cut out around the outline of the piece. The insets would be for all the white parts that are cutouts on my piece that I did. THAT’s why I need to reverse the area that is clearing out the pockets for the insert. I need to clear out the pockets for the stars and white stripes.

I plan on doing a third one with an aluminum sheet using high end pearlescent car paint.

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I cleaned up the file, redrew the stars and type. I also separated the colors so you can choose what you want to cut out or engrave and gave it an outline around the entire image. Good luck on your next one and post pictures. The second to last one is the one with all the colors separated.


Hey Russell. I would rather have a person’s last name on here than the In God We Trust. Any guidance on how I would do that?

Tell me the name :slightly_smiling_face:. Or you can remove IN GOD WE TRUST and add a name. You would need InkScape or something else to do it in. You can warp text in Easel but I don’t think you can follow a path. You could type each letter and place the letter where it needs to go.

Brunsvold would be the name

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I have it on the last page, let me know how it works out for you.

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Thank you so much. I’ll have to show you the Growth Chart I’m doing for my grand daughter. Been working most of the weekend on it. Her First birthday is in a couple of weeks. It’s got to be in 3 pieces because it’s 6 1/2 feet tall.

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You’re welcome, good luck with the growth chart