RFE Group selection only grabs what is fully inside the selection tool

Right now if you group select an item, it grabs everything inside the bounding box. Instead, grab items that are fully inside the selection box will make this easier to use and more versatile.

I only want to select the leg, this is beveled and contains numerous layers, but to demonstrate, there is nothing inside my selection.

You can see everything that has been selected.

Desired behavior.

Claws is selected.

Only the claws are selected since they are inside the selection box.

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Agreed, this would be a nice feature…

Note to Dev’s: other software does this with a left to right for touching and right to left for full contents only. So no need for holding down keys during the selection or anything like that

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For now, one way to do it is to grab as little as you can, and then while holding the Shift key down, click on the items that you do not want to be selected.


Brandon Parker