Rhino 5/RhinoCam vs Aspire

I’m starting to investigate a software purchase and would like to start a discussion of the merits/deficiencies of two possible tool chains. I have already settled on one of these two options, so no need to add your favorite alternative to the discussion.

Hoping there is enough experience with both options for a lively interchange of ideas/experience.

First consideration is Rhino 5 with RhinoCam. I already have Rhino 5 so the addition would be RhinoCam at about $1300 USD.

Second consideration is Aspire. I already have Vcarve PRO so the added cost would be about $1300 USD.

I’m leaning toward the Rhino 5/RhinoCam solution as I already use Rhino 5 for 3D printer work and RhinoCam interfaces seamlessly with Rhino 5 and is available during the design phase. Just don’t have any independent evaluations of RhinoCam.

Thanks, in advance, for your comments/opinions/experience.

Did you look at Madcam for the Rhino CAM package? It would save you about $400

Didn’t know about that one. Thanks. I’ll check it out.

I use both rhinocam and aspire… they each have their strengths / weakness… however If I had to pick one it would be rhinocam. Going to have to look into madcam

I agree, although it does still has its limits. At least my version does. I’m looking at you, tab functionality! :slight_smile:

Vcarve I only use to V-carve. I know; sounds dumber than it is hehe.