Rhino and RhinoCAM with the X-Carve?

I’m looking to get a CNC Router, and I think the larger platform X-Carve is a good place to start.
I have my eye on an even bigger platform machine in the future, if this leads me that way… and I’m planning my software purchase to suit my current and eventual needs.

I’ve demo’d Rhino, and I’m pleased with it… more so than other options.

My question is this: Does anyone know if RhinoCAM is compatible with the X-Carve, right out of the box? That is, will the code generated by RhinoCAM function with the X-Carve properly without any tweaking?

I searched the forums, and I can’t really see that anyone is using RhinoCAM (or really Rhino, for that matter).

Any solid help will be much appreciated.

RhinoCAM looks like a solid model design tool like Fusion360. WIthout ever having used RhinoCam I would first ask why pay $1,200 for RhinoCam when F360 is free for hobbiest (or maybe you are wanting to do commercial work)

RhinaCAM have more slick features over Fusion360. Lot easier to control, more details on 3D images, rastering, almost everyweek upgrading tool libraries and much more. It is compatible with X-Carve. Also can put post processor files on it, Fusion only for generic grbl. I mean RhinoCAM is the top of the line application for every level. If you’re willing to pay the price.

Yeah… I am looking to do commercial work. (almost exclusively commercial, in fact). :slight_smile:

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So, it is natively compatible with X-Carve? That’s awesome to hear. :smile:Thanks for the info.

There is no program natively compatible, every paid program reads post processors for designated CNC equipment. Most CNC manufacturers sending they’re post processor to them, Inventables not one of them yet. We’re just adding copy of Post Processor to PProcessor folders. It’s done.


Hi, I have Rhino and a trial version of RhinoCam. I have spent a lot of time on the telephone with a RhinoCam representative and he is most helpful even though I have told him that RhinoCam is too expensive for me.

RhinoCam has the advantage that it is a plug-in for Rhino which makes it very attractive to use. You can go back and forth between your design and the CAM portion from the same user interface.

The RhinoCam trial version will not let you save a full G-code solution, but the rep says that the trial version using their FreeMill product will allow you to generate and save a finish toolpath so that you can test it on your machine.

As Alan says, each CAM program generally has a selection of Post Processors that handle the machine specific commands. You can generate your own Post Processor to use in RhinoCAM if your machine is not supported by the RhinoCAM distribution.

I’m not clear on what you mean in “adding a copy of Post Processor to PProcessor folders.”

What does that mean, exactly? Is there a generic or readily available post processor for X-Carve that works with RhinoCAM that I can just drop in and use?

“Post Processor” is just the formatting and configuring instructions for generating g-code.
A CAM program usual has a folder somewhere with the various post processor files that is uses. Each machine’s processor is a separate file. Usually with one for metric and one for inch.
This is done so you can add, edit or modify them as needed. (They are fairly straightforward and you can easily read, write or modify them yourself once you have a few examples to work off of.)

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I reached out to MecSoft (makers of RhinoCAM) to inquire about post processors / compatibility with X-Carve, and I received a very timely and thoughtful response… what are your thoughts?

RhinoCAM outputs standard G & M codes and includes posts for over
200+machine controllers. If the X-Carve from Inventables can read G
& M codes, send us a sample g-code and we can take a look at it to
see if RhinoCAM can output a similar code.

The following information is required to determine the feasibility of writing a post for a 3 axis machine

  1. G & M code specifications from the controller manual
  2. Information on canned cycles for drilling, tapping, boring operations, (G81 - G89)
  3. Arc output formats for Circular interpolations (G02/G03),
  4. Start and End Block information
  5. Tool Change definition
  6. A sample G code output that runs on your controller.

You should just be able to ask them if it supports GRBL Gcode.

Thanks, AllenMassey. :smile:

I asked them that, and this is their response…

If the g-code your machine reads is similar to the sample provided on the following link: https://github.com/grbl/grbl/wiki/G-Code-Examples that shows a sample code for a circle, RhinoCAM can output a similar code.

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Maybe ask them if they have a Shapeokeo 2 post-processor. It should work fine.

On Novedge’s web site (seller of Rhino and RhinoCAM), I found this list of Post Processors… look under the Specs section.


Do any of those PP look like they’d work?

I recently got the XCarve and I’m working setting it up. I’ve had RhinoCam for some time and it makes sense that I use it for generating the g code. But I’m trying to figure out which post processor to use as well. Have you figured it out yet?

I just got my X-carve setup and have only tested it shortly with Easel.
I installed Universal G-code Sender, but couldn’t get it to jog my machine… it says it’s connected, but I can’t manually move my machine using UGS.
If you contact MecSoft, they should be able to provide you with a post processor… ask for Uday. :smile:

I called them and talked to them. I’m using Freemill. They said it can’t be added to freemill and I’d have to purchase the product to get the post processor. :confused: stinks. I guess I’ll try use the gerber and see how it goes.

Ahh… yes. Paid version feature, for sure.
I purchased both RhinoCAM and RhinoCAM-Art… I hope to be making lots with my X-Carve… mostly with the Art package.

i can confirm that rhinocam does work with the xcarve. i am using the mach3 post processor. Both inch and mm work fine so far with no modifications. I am using ugcs to send it to the machine.

I really wish I could afford RhinoCam. It is #1 on my wishlist.