Rhino + RhinoCAM: What post-processor?

Hello everyone,

thanks to the advice of @AllenMassey and some video of @RobertA_Rieke my machine is now perfect.

In the last 2 weeks I enjoyed cut small stuff with Easel, also as a test, but now is the time make serious stuff.

I use Rhino to CAD drawing and just bought RhinoCAM to generate tootlpaths, and seems not too hard to use. But now? What kind of post-processor I need to select on RhinoCAM? I heard about Mach3 Inch/Mach3 MM (if I correctly understand the name I will use MM)?

If I want to use Mach3Inch/MM I need to buy this? https://www.inventables.com/technologies/3-axis-dsp-based-digital-stepper-driver

Any info are really welcome!


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for starters: what setup do you have? What machine and which driver board?

I own a SO2 with arduino/grblshield and use the mach3-mm post in rhinocam to generate my .nc files. These can be fed directly to the controller, no additional hardware required.

I am not familiar with SO3 and XC and their respective controller boards, but i imagine they work exactly the same.

i do have to note that the mach3-mm post will act funny when generating complex 3D toolpaths for objects that feature holes to a grbl-based controller.
It is very specific though, and for most operations that post will work just fine. I am curious though if anyone can make or knows of a 100% compatible grbl post processor for rhinocam…

Hello @anon68752607!

I have the X-Carve 1000X1000, all is stock for the moment, including the control unit. I have the DeWalt 611 spindle.

To be honest I tried to make some toolpath with Rhino (with the machine unplugged) and works fine. Also Mach3 seems to read it.

Of course Mach3 have A LOT of setting to do that I barely understand so I haven’t touched anything.

I have been using mach3 mm and inch with success (mostly inch)

I use UGCS (universal gcode sender) with total success so far.

I have not started doing 3d cuts yet, just 2d.


can you explain me how you do it? I’m in terested ONLY in 2D design for now.

I have Rhinoceros 5, RhinoCAM but what is this ‘UGCS’? Is a program?

I also “found” a version of Mach3MIll or something like that

UGS Universal G Code Sender is a java based program that allows you to control and send code to your X-Carve

So you output your GCode from your CAM program and send it via UGS

Post Processors are used by your CAM software to format the G Code in a format that your machine can use. The X-Carve uses GRBL, so any post processor that works with GRBL will work.

Easel is a web based program that can make 2.5D files (CAD) and output them to g code (CAM) and send them to your X-Carve (sender).
Easel has the option of saving the G Code in a file for later use or loading other gCode to send to your X-Carve

I use VCarve Pro as my CAD/CAM software (I bought it bundled with my X-Carve) and UGS to send the code.

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Hi @AaronMatthews

Honestly I think I have understood your explanation.

As said I have Rhinoceros for CAD drawing and RhinoCAM for generate the toolpath, and the G-Code (I assume).

So, as I have RHINOCAM, I only need UGCS to send it to the X-Carve, or I’m wrong?

I recommend using the “Daily Build” version as it fixes a memory management issue.

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And no Mach3 or equivalent involved? How I will control the machine?

as an alternative to UGCS,I use this gcode sender:


it is basically the same thing, just not in Java, which i dislike. And it has some very interesting features such as coordinate truncating, which is a must-have if you work with makercam in mm.
There’s a few other alternative software apps as well that you could find on the shapeoko wiki.

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I’ll take a look at it!

Here is our commercial option. http://www.picengrave.com/PicSender.htm


thanks to you too! For sure I’ll give a try to you product too, once I figured out what is the best for my needing.

But one thing: What post-processor I need to choose when I create the toolpath!?!? RhinoCAM DON’T have GRBL option.

Try the Mach3mm PP, but you will need to comment out adding a G64 (constant velocity) Grbl can’t run that command. There must be instructions somewhere that explains how to edit the PP for RhinoCAM.

in most cases, you won’t need to modify anything, just use mach3-mm or mach3-inch depending on your preference

Ok but how I know that Mach3 is setted for my machine? There is nothing that need to be setted for my specific machine?

Your right. I just tried it with grbl 9j and it just ignores the G64 and runs right on by it.

Here is the information on how to configure grbl 9.

I need to literally “create the file” on my CAM program? I’ve seen that option but I figured out that was something that only a tech could do