Ridges in deep v cuts

I’m getting ridges when I do deep v cuts. It appears that, on one side of cuts, there is a ridge. I thought maybe it was due to flex in the gantry, but I re-ran the carve and there was no difference. Re-running the carve should have cleaned up the carve as it was not pushing against the material very much.
I am using a 60 degree v bit. I measured the size using a caliper and it matches what is in the tools menu.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How many passes are you running to get to full depth? what is your total depth? When you reran to clean it up did you run it as a single pass at full depth? A full depth pass should clean it up.


I don’t know how many passes it took. The depth of the cut is 1/4 inch.
I used a digital caliper to check the bit and updated the tool information before doing the cut.
The bit is a 1/8 60 degree bit. When I checked it with a caliper it is actually .120.

I’m thinking that perhaps it is not exactly 60 degrees? I ran another detail pass using a 30 degree engraving bit and it turned out perfect. I have use that 30 degree bit in other carves without issue.