Ridges in Pockets Along Y Axis

I’ve checked my wasteboard, adjusted all vwheels, checked Z axis locknuts. I wanted to get a few opinions before going further.

Search tram, probably 10 threads this month about it.

Thats where I was leaning, but I’ve jacked with so much I don’t want to cause more issues. What is strange is I can cut a 3x3 pocket and it is perfect.

Well sure, that 3 x 3 pocket is fully within a small area of one quadrant of the whole wasteboard. If you consider something like an 1/8" drop over 36", the difference over 3" would only be about 1/100th of an inch. But if you set your Z on the left side, and cut out a 36" wide sign panel, you would miss cutting through by 1/8".

OK. I resquared. I am now cutting a 3"x16" .1" deep pocket for testing. I will post the results.

Looks pretty good to me.

And the other question (since I am guilty of doing this) - did you use a ball end mill accidentally?

No all these cuts have be with a 1/8" downcut.

Tried again in some oak…looks like tram issue for sure. If the steps are only when the left side of the bit is cutting do I need to shim that side?

This is what I use to tram

Just a dial indicator and a piece of 1/4 round stock bent to a 90 degree angle. Chuck it up and swivel around, you can set it to within .001.

I built the one with wood and bolts etc. Got it the vwheels adjusted so the distance was close all the way around, then the X axis wouldn’t move. Guess my next step it to reskim the wasteboard.

If I can cut the exact same design in mdf with no issues, would that be more than likely deflection?

Mdf will cut smother than wood, try your test in pine or a hardwood. That is not deflection, you need to tram.

How else do I tram besides adjusting vwheels? Shimming?

Will this dial indicator be sufficient?

Search tram , lots of info already here.

OK guys, I am at the end of my rope.

I have trammed the machine to within a 1/2 mm everywhere on the my perfectly planed wasteboard. All vwheels have their washers. Everything is nice and right, square and parallel to the wasteboard. Voltages are @ 1.34 on all steppers. I have spent the last 3 days off messing with this, I can’t figure out the problem.

When I do an engrave @ 40 ipm in pine, I get this:

The way those ridges ramp upward it looks like it could be your Z axis moving. Make sure your set screws are tight and the lock nut on the Z screw is tight also

I agree with Shane it looked like the Z is not stable and theee is not a consistent direction of error.
Also there is one spot in your pic that has a deep plunge.