Right Click - Add Tab/Remove Tab

Now that we have a functional right-click, I would love the ability to right-click add tab or remove tab (at the location of click.) It is super frustrating to set all of my tabs, realize I need some more, and then when I add (or remove) them, i have to re set every single tab.

Being able to right click on a tab and remove it, or right click in a location and add a tab at that location, would really take the annoyance out of the tab setting!



I second this. At the very least make it so that adding or removing tabs doesnt ‘reset’ all the tabs locations.


Sorry if this is something I should know. I’ve only been at this for a few weeks. I’ve noticed that I don’t always get the option to add tabs when I go to a full-depth cut. Is there an easy way to do this when I am not given the option? I have tabs on the outside border, but nothing pops up for the inside pieces of my project. Thanks in advance!

Yes, we need that right click option for tabs. Would save so much time to add as needed as opposed to guessing the number of tabs, setting them and then realizing you need one or two more. BUMP

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Please for the love of God add this as a feature. I don’t want to have to try and guess how many overall tabs I need, move them, figure out I shorted myself, increase the number which jacks everything up, and start over. I just want to be able to click where I want a tab and it put one there (or remove it without jacking everything up).

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Its a shame this hasn’t happened yet. Throwing in my vote.

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I was going to make a new feature request in the forum for the exact same reason, but then I stumbled across this thread.

I really like Easel and it’s simplicity, but it’s so incredibly frustrating to set all your tabs, realize you need a couple more, and then all your tabs get reset when adding a new one and I have to start all over.
I really like the suggestion of using right click. Another option would be when adding tabs, only the newly added tab is added randomly, while the existing tabs just stay in place, and the new tab can be dragged to the preferred position.

It’s a bit disheartening to see that the original feature request dates back to December 2016 (!), so I don’t really have high hopes that this will get fixed anytime soon. :unamused: