Right side of piece cutting off

very new to this trying to get started. I’m cutting fleur de lis and ever different image/size I try the right lower section cuts low and a bit off. like 1/4". the work image and preview image are perfect but evetime I cut the right side down/twisted.

Can you share your Easel project with us so we can see your preview? Your image posted above isn’t the same shape as the cut pieces you’ve posted, so you have more issues than just the right side being slightly off.

To share a project go to File > Share, select Shared with Link, then click on Save. Then paste the link here in this thread so we can take a look.

http://easel.inventables.com/projects/ANJ5-8MPslxTA4TpbbE_AA thank you I have no clue what i’m doing

I am not sure what happened with your first carve (a larger bit?), but by the look of your second one, and the fact that, as you said, the preview image does appear to be right, your machine is not calibrated properly.

Have you tried a carve of basic shapes with known values? Try making a square and a circle and set the dimensions of them in Easel and carve them in a bit of scrap, then measure to see if the carved shapes are the size you expected them to be. Also check to be sure your corners are 90° on the square. And check the circle’s diameter in multiple places to make sure it’s actually a circle.

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http://easel.inventables.com/projects/0iGVDkhH71Zjcyp_A-JsHg my y axis off? my width is right but height is off.

Your shapes do not match the design, especially on your circle where there is large discrepancies when travel change between X/Y motion. Looks like your machine isnt tuned in properly, or flexing too much.

that’s what I was thinking. I was trying to square it manually while it was off and now my motors run opposite and try to twist and bind. I’m totally lost, except maybe rewire the right motor.

Here is a thread about the Y motors running in the opposite direction: Y-Axis motors try to un opposite directions at setup

It still looks like you need to calibrate your machine, though. Here is a thread with a video on how to check (and correct) the calibration of your machine. Have a go with this, and then try carving your square and circle again. Steps/mm Calibration

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thank you

Follow up here to let us know how it’s going. The early days of learning the machine and getting it dialled in can be frustrating, and I’d like to see you happily past this.