Rigidity Upgrades

I’m in the process of a round of upgrades for X-Carve with my bonus money this year.

So far, trying to firm everything up (modern X carve)

My understanding is I may not be able to improve the IPM of unit but depth of cut for the same speeds I’m doing now… right now generally 0.25 * bit width at 60-90IPM based on wood hardness is what I do now. Get chatter on climb cuts right now but smooth on conventional.

anyone who’s done similar care to share how much father they have pushed the unit vs stock and in what dimensions (IPM vs DOC) ?

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Did you end up making the upgrades mentioned above. I am struggling through which options I want to purchase since there aren’t really any reviews for the latest cnc4newbie and TBD CNC upgrades. Any advise would be helpful.

I did it all, def firmer. What I haven’t done yet is get a set of revised feed and speeds i’m comfortable with. My first carve after setting it more aggressive was a disaster of sorts… the bit was pulled out of the collet by the material (up carve) and got deeper and deeper till the router stalled out. So, it may be it’s stiff enough such that the weak link has moved to the collet or the collet was warn, or i didn’t tighten enough. So, i got a new 1/4" collet and will try again here soon (won’t change settings yet)

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Thanks for the reply. I think I’m set on which upgrades to get. I’m still dialing in feeds and speeds and I’ve had the xcarve for 4 years now. I usually create gcode with conservative feeds and speeds and then use UGS’s override to increase or decrease feeds rates live while it’s cutting.