Robosavvy order

placing my order with robosavvy uk distributor for the x carve and on the website its saying the x carve fully loaded is coming out at £1110 that’s with vat, £925 without vat, when I get to checkout it wants £1325 anyone know why this is??? there is a few things they ask before you checkout such as waste board, spindle, spindle mount, power cord, laser mount, laser engraver, I am selecting all options except the laser mount/ laser engraver

Shipping charges? It’s expensive to ship the waste board.

Everything that is starred on the options page incurs an extra charge (except the power cord) so if you have selected the options that is why the price has increased. The fully loaded does not include wasteboard, spindle or spindle mount which is why they show the extra charges on the dropdowns.
The fully loaded option means you get the Nema 23 steppers, Acme screw and other upgrades to the basic machine etc, the spindle, mount and wasteboard are extras.

As Phil said above the wasteboard, spindle, and spindle mount are extra on top of the base price. When you select your chosen options each one shows the item price with, and without VAT.

I know this for definite as I bought my Xcarve from robosavvy and went through this process on their website.
I thought it was pretty clear to be honest, but I used a pc as opposed to a phone etc, so don’t know if the mobile version of the site is different


Maybe you are interested, but in a few days mine is for sale. Still got waranty. I m upgrading tot bigger.

Let me know if there is intrest.

Grtz Koen

Exactly as @PhilLaidler and @TheWhittler said, the price goes up when you select other options as wasteboard and spindle. The price shown initially is for the kit without any options selected.