Rocking horse

I get my awesome 1000 x 1000 next Thursday, can’t wait. I have no idea how to make anything yet but I already have a question. Has anyone made a rocking horse for a 2 year old before? If so, how did you do and is it difficult to design and make? Thank you, and pretty sure I will be posting on here a lot once I get started.


There are many ways to make the rocking horse. You could use plywood or you could use dimensional lumber and cut out the different components such as the legs, body, and head then assemble all together.

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That is awesome! Did you design and make it using Easel? If so, is it possible to get a copy which of course I would have no idea what do with it. Any help would just be great! Thank you, just hope I’m able to learn quickly and start making things.

This is just an example. I did not build this one. A very close friend made it many years ago. This is just an example of what you can do.

not sure if photo downloaded but here is one i made about 30 years ago using scraps of poplar. It was just to test the pattern.i am just now building my 1000mm x carve, plan to make a few rocking horses.

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I built one using my cnc to cut most of the pieces out. It worked pretty well. I took pictures of the plans, imported those into vcarve and traced them to scale. It was time consuming but worthwhile.