Rogue toolpaths

So this is similar to the problem I posted about before but this one has stumped me… I am carving a greyscale vector and the preview is fine and all vectors are clean and tidy. However Easel thinks it needs take a chunk out of the piece on a lower layer. I think this may be a bug as if it really wanted to carve that bit out it should do it in passes like the rest of the piece? It just charges through at 10mm depth though - good job I’m using strong bits!!

Anyone seen this before?

Just as an update… I have found that drawing a rectangle in Easel at 0.0 fill cut depth covering up to the edge of the piece fixes the issue. But there is already a vector in the svg performing that function. At least I can use that as a quick fix for now!

Hi @AlWhitworth, could you share a link to the project or attach the SVG you imported? It will help us figure out what’s happening. Thanks!

Hi. I’ve sent you a pm with the svg to look at. Thanks very much.

This has been happening to me and I’ve snapped two bits because of it. Mid-carve the machine completely ditches the toolpath and charges straight through the piece.

Hi @Topher, when you preview the toolpaths in Easel do you see that erroneous path?

I do not.

Dunno if it matters, but my designs are imported svg files from Inkscape.

Hi Topher. When I had this problem I could see the toolpaths but you had to hide the material to see them, and even then it took a lot of zooming and rotating.

This didn’t even occur to me, I’ll give it a try!