Rotary CNC machine

I have decided to build one of these since V-carve now supports Rotary machining.


That looks interesting.

I purchased the rotary pieces for a Sherline system. This is to say the rotary table, its bracket the controller and a live center. I have never done anything with them. I don’t have a sherline mill and my CNC is not set up for a 4th axis.

My rationale was to use it simply for accurately rotating the work piece. For example, I could do 4 sided machining, but I would only have to fixture it once to the rotary table…

Another notion was to lock the Y on the mill and then pass the Y signals to the rotary stepper. You could then create a 3D terrain as it were, and wrap that around a round piece of stock.,

Yet another notion I had was to continuously spin the stock independent of the mill and use the mill to cut a profile that would be turned around the stock.

As I have said, I have done none of the above. My Z is so constrained (about 3 inches) that it is difficult to get above the center line of the A axis.

Tell us about your journey. If you do some interesting things, maybe I’ll get motivated and finally use what I’ve bought.