Rough cut work moves over to detail when a detail bit is added

I have optimized my work to utilize a rough pass using 1/8" bit which simulates beautifully but when I add the detail bit for the remaining fine detail Easel moves most of the rough pass over to the detail pass and my detail bit cant handle it. I must be doing something wrong?

Please help as I am at a work stoppage.

Hi Jim, you may need to split the design into multiple workpieces to had better control of what bit is used where.
For Example I use multiple “workpieces” (the bottom panel in Easel) to control which bit is used where in this flag carve, using the vbit for the stars only…

When 2 bits are used Easel only uses the roughing bit for pocket cuts to remove the bulk of the material, all other cut types and the area that the rough bit cannot reach is reserved for the detail bit.

Thank you for the reply Seth. I understand when 2 bits are used the roughing bit is supposed to remove the bulk and it does a great job of this when I simulate just a roughing bit. The issue is when I add the detail bit most of the roughing cuts disappear from the roughing G-code and move over to the detail side resulting in failures because the 1mm detail bit can’t remove pockets of bulk material like a 1/8" bit can.

I will definitely check into workpieces as a work around but hope Easel is aware of this and is working on a proper solution. Thank you for taking the time to let me know about using workpieces.

If you’d like I might be able to provide some more insight for your particular project if you can set it up with your 2 bits and then share the project via the share link process.

In Easel go to Project>Share and set it to “unlisted” then copy the link shown there and paste it over here. (Or DM it to me if you don’t want it public)