Rough cuts Letter Blowouts HELP

Using x carve 1000mm with Easel Pro, 60 Degree V bit at feedrate of 50,plunge at 20 and dpp at .05 spindle rate 12000 rpm on walnut. Every time it completes a letter or font it goes back and checks depth or something and blows out the corners that were once just fine but its like it retraces its steps and does a step down every time on letters and or corners of an object. " rookie in training " It also is leaving a lot of rough areas as pointed in the pics.

looks like they are all in the x+/- direction. what feed rate are you using?

The V-bit is allowed to go too deep, blowing out the corners.


  • Material not uniform in thickness
  • V-bit have a flat spot causing probing to give a too low Z-zero point.
    Most v-bits dont form a infitely fine point at the tip, they are at one point flat (pun intended)
  • General slack / softness of the machine
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30 in/min
0.038 step pass