Rough cuts on almost every bit

Hello, I have owned my x carve for about half a year and I aquired it from a friend who was upgrading. I have got nothing but rough, untamed cuts with pretty much all the bits I have. I got all new and the closest I have come to clean cutting is with an 1/8th endmill. All my v bits not only burn but also don’t leave a nice finish. Spindle set to 1 and I typically use the recommended settings for projects. I have attempted many different shapes, fonts, and even simple designs and I feel slightly at my whits end. My friend is a machinist and I know this was taken care of (he upgraded was reason for sale). Any help or advice would be really really appreciated at this point. So far I have only made 1 successful project and a lot of firewood

Hello Matthew and welcome to the forum,
If the material is burning then you’re going to slow. The recommended Easel speeds are conservative.
Something is loose on the machine, are the V wheels tight?
If you grab the router can you wiggle it up and down or side to side?
Are you using a dust shoe?
Looking at your picture I would guess that your Z axis has play in it

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Hello!! Thank you so much for your help. The router is tight left to right but I can feel the SLIGHTEST bit of play when I try to move it up and down. I see the threaded rod behind the router wiggles a little bit. Yes I am using a dust shoe

I also have some rocking on the whole thing front to back but all wheels are tight

Is this top nut tight enough?

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So I just tighten that up a bit more. Now when it runs that part looks like it spins not flat or level? So far it has gotten a bit better but till not totally smooth. This one was done with a brand new 90 degree V (the smaller one with the peach color collar)

That one looks much better.

Thank you so much for your help!! Truly

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