Rough cutting then Engraving

I’m looking to perform some engraving and also final sizing of the board I will engrave. I’m having a hard time getting Easel to not perform the final dimension cut on the part using the engraving bit. I have it setup with a roughing bit and then the engraving bit, where it does perform some of the rough cuts, but is not performing it on the final dimension cut, which it could finish with the engraving bit when there is very little material left to cut, but I can’t seem to get it to simulate this way. Any suggestions?

Can you share your file so we can take a look at it?, when I do a permiter thru cut I set my material to be .031 thicker than the actual material, this ensures I will always go through it, I always use a sacrificial board under my projects.

If Easel doesn’t use the bits I want to use for each job, I put the different parts into separate workpieces. Take the perimeter cut and put it in a different tab and only give Easel the bit you want to use.

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Kimberly. That may be the way I have to go. do the engraving first and then do a job for the rough perimeter cut. When you state different tab, do you mean “project”, what do you mean by tab?

Steve, thanks for the suggestion on setting the material thicker and using a sacrificial board. When you use a sacrificial board underneath, do you set you Z-axis zero to the total thickness of both boards using the Z-probe?


Down at the bottom of your project screen, there’s a thing you can click on to raise theWorkpieces frame. In here, you can duplicate, select, rename, etc. workpieces for the same project. Click where circled in this image:


To make sure my carves line up, I like to create one master workpiece that has all the elements arranged correctly. Then I duplicate that master and set the things I don’t want to carve with a given bit or set of bits to 0 depth. Then on the next workpiece, I set the things I’ve already carved to 0 depth and put the new elements at the correct depth.


Thank you, this was very informative.

much appreciated!