Rough + Detail Bit out of alignment

So my problem is this:
I’m starting my carve with a 1/8 bit (First pass). I go through the setup of the carve, zero X and Y to very bottom / very left (will not go any further left or lower - hits homing switches). My board is setup on X/Y 0 corner as well. The Z (bit) is aligned to the very lowest / very left corder of the board. I use the Z Probe to set Z.

I run my rough carve (1/8th bit) - looks good but leaves out some details. It finishes and I continue.

I remove dust shoe - change bit to 1/16th bit. I go through the carve setup never moving my board (stays locked down). I rezero X and Y to very bottom / very left (same as before - won’t go any further hits homing switches). I run the Z Probe again to set Z with new bit. I attach the dust shoe. Click carve and here is the problem.

The detail carve is off by like a mm. It just starts carving in the middle of my letters, knocking out parts of fine passes, making outside edge large on one side, not touching the outside edge on the other.

I’ve tried this project twice using same bits. First time in setup of detail pass I selected the option for “use the same ZERO point”. The second time, I jogged the router to lowest / most left position as I did in the rough pass and reset X/Y Zero same as I did. Keep in mind the board never moved or unclamped.

Any help would be appreciated.
X-Carve Controller - Easel Pro - Dewalt 611 - 1/8 bit rough - 1/16th bit details - X/Y Zero (including board) is 0/0 (lowest it can physically go / most left it can physically go).

The line on the left is not suppose to be there, you can see it has torn up my lettering and my dog image.

When loosening the collet to remove the roughing pass bit, could you have moved the spindle carriage slightly?

look for this thread, you need to make some changes in your advanced setup

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When I switch from rough bit to detail bit, it makes me go through the entire carve setup process again. I doesn’t matter if I move it because it wants me to re-zero it, do the Z probe again, etc. Why I was trying to use absolute zero on both X and Y. Figured if it couldn’t go any further left or down with the start of both carves, it has to be same zero.

I’ll try this…thanks.

Changing $1 = 255 and turning off dip switch #4 on each axis did the trick! YOU GUYS ROCK!
Thanks so much.

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Not sure why they don’t come pre-programmed for this. This seems to be a minor change for Invenatbles to save a lot of questions and issues everyone has.

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mine actually had the G Code set to 255 already…all I had to do was change the 4th dip switches. Probably just needs an instructions update for putting it together.