Rough edges using 1/4 60degree bit

I am struggling with getting a clean carve with the 60 degree bit. online projects show using this bit for detail work. My detail looks like it needs to sanded when finished and I can sand the small cut areas.

I’m only cutting in an 1/8 in. so I have ruled out plunge rate and all my belts are tight. My spindle is set at 1. this is my 4th project so a new bee for the most part.

looking forward to hearing suggestions. I am not sure if the picture will show up.

what type of wood, softwood have seemed to have more fiber and/or tear out?
a dull V bit doesn’t help (not saying cutting tool is dull).
for softwood there is a product that’s made by different manufactures basically it’s called wood hardener.

wood hardener on new wood

Thank you, the wood was piece on the clearance rack from Big Lots… I think it was very soft. I will look into the wood hardener for future projects. How many projects can I expect out of a bit. I have done about 5 with that particular bit.

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that a go figures kind of question, I use all carbide tool cutters. lower spindle speeds higher feed rate.8 to 10 projects

Hey Brian i saw you said the belts were tight, but how about the v wheels…

And id you’re doing a bit swap are you homing and selecting use last x,y or have you set the steppers to automatically stay locked like this:

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