Rough pass deeper than detail pass

Hey everyone, first time to post here but have learned so much over the past year going through the forum. I’m having issues I didn’t notice before on other two stage carves. I did just notice that my depth per pass for the roughing bit is .06”and my detail depth per pass is .05”. As you can see though, my overall depth is only .04”. It’s been a while since I’ve done 2 stage carves but I don’t remember worrying about the depth per pass if my overall depth was shallower. Would this cause the issue I’m seeing? You can see it in the corners of the letters and near the spikes on the dog collar. It’s noticeable throughout. Thanks for y’all’s help!

What is your target depth?
How thick is your material?
How many passes to achieve your target depth?

I get occasionally as well, zeroing in the same spot helps as well as the glue and tape method, as you remove material on thinner material depending on how you have it secured can cause things to change if clamped on the edges removing material can cause it to bow ever so little.

I did one the other day, ran all my passes at full depth cuts and it was clean. My thoughts were if I am targeting .005 total depth and I set my depth per pass at .004 I figured my clean up pass at .001 was the culprit. Seems to have proved my theory on that project.

Hope this helps

My target depth was .04”
My material was .75” thick
My depth per pass on the roughing pass was .06”
My depth per pass on the detail was .05”

My thoughts were that the depth per pass didn’t matter since my target depth was less than both of the depths per pass.

We are critics so we are our own worst enemy, at arms length can you see this? after it is finished how does it look?

Next time try going your roughing pass in two stages set the depth per cut to .02. Also make sure when you are using your z probe it is good and flat and there is no rough edges or dust and dirt below it. Place your probe and zero out in the same spot. Watch your bit when it touches the probe does it move any?

Maybe someone else will chime in with another perspective.

Also lastly make sure everything is dialed on on your machine are the belt tension set right, v wheels snug? have you added in stiffeners to your rails? This is one of the best “Upgrades” you can do to a stock X carve

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How are you establishing Z-zero between roughing and detail?

Thanks for the response. I’ll try tightening up the belts and checking the v wheels.

I use the z probe in the same spot as I do for the rough pass. After the rough pass, I vacuum and wipe the piece. Then I probe

I’d consider setting Z by eye. If you can see the difference in the finished piece, you’d be able to see any offset before setting zero.
Probing can have problems depending on the probing routine, endmills, humidity, etc.
You’ll eliminate most of those with a better probing sequence (Easel can only do that by entering individual commands in the console).

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