Rough V Bit Cut

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We are new to cnc routing and are having trouble using a 90 degree V bit. we cant figure out why we are getting this type of finish. it does make a grinding noise during.

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It could be a lot of things, but try checking your step-over setting. Go to machine set up and click on the advanced link. Look for V-bit step-over and make that percentage 1%. Also be sure your bit it firmly installed in the chuck and not "bottomed out, meaning that when you install the bit you don’t want to push it all the way in till the shaft hits the bottom of the chuck. It’s bettter to pull it out just a little (still deep in the chuck but not against the bottom). Hope this helps you ! Happy carving !

Thanks Don. I tried both with no luck unfortunately. someone also thought i must of been cutting the outline and not fill but that wasn’t it either. Could it be something i’m doing wrong in Illustrator with the text?

thanks again

Ok, lets check the file. Do you know how to share it ? Just open it up and select ^ file ^ Share^ then select share with link. Now you can just copy your link and paste it here on this post, so I can open it and take a look. That way I can see your cut settings, etc. Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out …

Thanks heaps

Just had the same troubles while doing some text with 60 deg bit. All the advise here is correct…but one other thing you need to check is the tip of your bit. check it under a magnifying glass. If there is even the slightest chip in the bit you will receive cuts like you have shown.

Thanks for sending, I am going to run this on my x-carve tomorrow morning. It will tell us alot. If it carves clean on my machine, then we know its likely your machine or your bit, perhaps even something like Mike Kaplin is suggesting. At a glance I do see a strange cut path when I run a simulated pass. What type of file is it from illustrator, ie (svg., dxf., etc.)

thanks Mike! yeah i might check my bit in the morning. its done this since the first carve. that would be awesome of you to give it a run for me Don. iv been saving them as svg.

Good Morning ! I ran your carve this morning and I have attached a picture. It came out pretty smooth with no sanding or anything. The machine did "make a sound that imitated a grinding noise, but that noise is just the N.E.M.A. motors moving tiny steps up and down. This is caused by the letters not being truly smooth edged in the file itself so the x-carve is reading every imperfection in the file itself. However the majority of your issue must be with the bit (like Mike K. Implied) or the something loose on your x-carve.

So this is your primary issue to explore:
-check your bit for imperfections
-wiggle everything on your xcarve and look for any give, especially in the v-wheels on x,y, and z they should be snug with no give
-be sure your router is mounted snug and most importantly is it perpendicular and square to the waste board. You can search the forum here for some good methods if you need help on “squaring your machine”.
-Your work piece if its really thin needs to be TIGHTLY secured, v-carving has a tendency to lift up on the work piece, be sure it really held down good.

Your secondary issue is that the font may not be optimized for V-carving. (but it should still work pretty good).
Not all font’s work well for v-carving. There’s too much to explain here, but you need to find fonts that are designed for V-carving. F-Engrave is a good source, also Easel Pro’s fonts have been tested for v-carving.

I hope this gets you started on the road to success !

Oh wow! It did turn out great! Ok we’ll try all that stuff today and see how we go. Thank you so much for doing that for me! You’re the best!

so we made some adjustments and got a big improvement but still seems to be a bit rough. Definitely not as great as yours Don. Any suggestions. We squared it and tightened the belts.

Thanks heaps

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I am new to X carve and and after setting the machine up and calibrating I am attempting my first sign. I am using a 90 degree v bit and the homestead font with a clip art design. The artwork comes out ok but the lettering is chipping. I am using poplar and just going with the automatic settings. I have tightened everything and my z access and spinal are function well. I think. Getting frustrated.